A Dose of Nice

Parker Bell is lured back to Po’thole for the annual Full Moon Crappie Festival. Three murders, a town full of crazy characters, and five hormonal sugar-and-caffeine infused Lady Gatorettes are determined to run everyone out of town. Are they responsible for the murders or is Parker Bell?

It should be illegal

to laugh this hard while reading a book!
~ Marsha F.
A Honky Tonk Night

I cannot believe

she told that story about me!

~ Angel, formerly known as dog’s best friend to Sharon
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Cozy Mystery Author Sharon Buck

Cozy mystery author Sharon Buck grew up in northeast Florida, could read by the age of four probably because her mother figured that was the only way she could keep the small Sharon still long enough to get any housework done. Opening up the wonderful world of her imagination with words, Sharon has always written short stories, magazine and newspaper articles and then delved into the world of writing books. 

Sharon’s unique blend of humor, a dash of sarcasm, and witty twist of descriptive words is making her a favorite of thousand of readers worldwide. Well, okay, she has a friend in Australia who has purchased all of her books and that now makes her an internationally read author, right?

Sharon currently lives in Florida with two dogs and a cat, all rescue animals. She loves to travel, read, cook, and, of course, write books.

Parker Bell Cozy Mystery Series

Parker Bell is a wise-cracking, somewhat sarcastic heroine who keeps being pulled back to her hometown to solve unexplained murders. Everything you have ever read or thought about crazy Southern characters in a small sleepy town in northeast Florida is….true! The Lady Gatorettes – five hormonally challenged women who believe there is never enough sugar and caffeine in their bodies – show up on a regular basis, corrupt cops, a city commissioner who is a personal friend of “Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson” and totes her gun around in an oversized purse heavy enough to anchor a houseboat during a storm…well, you get the idea.

Enough crazy characters, who may or may not be loosely based on people found in a somewhat fictional small town in northeast Florida, who will keep you laughing with their antics. (sigh) Attorneys and their disclaimers.

Other books by Sharon E. Buck

You didn’t base any of these characters on me, did you? Do we need to discuss this? You’re not answering my phone calls either.

Nancy Quatrano

Award-winning Author

I KNOW these people! They live in small towns everywhere. Love the story. I’m still laughing.


Jodi Sykes


I laughed so hard at Parker Bell and the Lady Gatorettes I thought my husband was going to have to call 911 on me.

Teena Hamilton

Raving Fan

I can’t have lunch with you any more. Someone might think I’m in your book. You know you are wrecking my reputation in town.


Po'thole City Official

Other books by Sharon E. Buck