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Holiday Stories To Warm Your Heart – November 4, 2015

“My Prayer Buddy” is a true short story Sharon wrote for this anthology of holiday stories. There 23 short stories by various authors in this anthology.


Holiday Stories To Warm Your Heart – August 27, 2013

Sharon has two short stories in this warm collection of holiday stories. The Gift Bag and A Florida Christmas are both short stories that are basically true.There are 20 short stories by different authors in this anthology.


101 Quick & Easy Tips for Do-It-Yourself Book Tours – November 4, 2012

Book authors sell more of your books with 101 Quick & Easy Tips for Do-It-Yourself Book Tours. Learn how to Make Your Car A Rolling Bookstore, Creating Groupies – My Raving Fans, Create A Virtual Book Store, Can You Hear Me Now Radio Tour, Book Tour Checklist – never leave anything at home ever again, and Sample Radio Interview Email.  DIY Book Tour will take you from marketing overwhelm to practical, easy-to-use techniques to increase your book sales immediately. Step-by-step techniques walk you through creating more book sales quickly and easily. This book is terrific, and it certainly gives a load of easy to implement ideas, tips and tricks to get your book out there. The author has a great flair to make it all sound fun and exciting – a great read and worth every cent!” ~ Julie Z.