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Sharon writes clean, funny, cozy mystery books. They feature Parker Bell, a wise-cracking Southern woman with a coffee drinking addiction and a wicked sense of humor. She also has more than a slightly tainted view of her former hometown of Po’thole, Florida – pronounced Po Ho by the natives and Pot Hole by anyone north of the Georgia state line. There’s no sex, swearing, or gore so the books are safe for the whole family to read. Some of her fans have compared her books to Janet Evanovich and Joan Hess. She’s very happy about that.

The Lady Gatorettes, five hormonal caffeine-and-sugar infused die-hard University of Florida football fans, are featured prominently in the Parker Bell series.

Sharon currently resides in northeast Florida although she is somewhat concerned she may have to move suddenly if people in her hometown realize that her Parker Bell series is loosely (very loosely, according to her attorney) based on them.

When Sharon isn’t doing her favorite thing…writing…she enjoys walking her little rescue dogs, traveling, reading books, and cracking her friends up with funny stories and her wicked sense of humor.

Parker Bell Cozy Mystery Novels
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A Honky Tonk Night

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