Here you go! Chapter five of the very first Parker Bell Cozy Mystery I wrote. Yes, it says crime novel on the cover but, trust me, it really is a funny, humorous, murder mystery. 

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Every year since Christ was a small child, there has been a Full Moon Crappie Festival in beautiful, power plant emissions-filled Po’thole, Florida. Coffee addict Parker Bell, bestselling novelist and Atlanta computer security company owner, has been lured back to help her oldest friend during the hottest weekend of the year at the festival’s Old Fashion Antique Show and Sale.  Homeland Security believes there may be a terrorist cell in Po’thole. Parker’s up to her eyeballs in craziness, not to mention her book agent Saffron Woo is convinced there’s a bestseller to be written about Po’thole. Parker’s appears to be the only sane person in Po’thole…and even that’s debatable. Murder, suspense, terrorism, conspiracy between the FBI and Homeland Security, and a bunch of hormonal crazy women on the loose, what more could you ask you for in A Dose of Nice?

This book is an excellent read! It’s typical small town life in full color. The characters were humorous and the plot was fast moving and entertaining. When reading, I could relate many of the characters to someone typical in my hometown. This was a wonderfully written novel. It left me wanting to read another installment of Parker Bell’s life.” ~ Rhonda D. Odom