Here you go! The first chapter of the 2nd Parker Bell Cozy Mystery. Yes, it has crime novel on the cover but, trust me, it really is a cozy mystery. Note: all of Parker’s future books have Cozy Mystery on them.

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Bestselling crime author and computer security business owner Parker Bell reluctantly keeps getting pulled back to her hometown of Po’thole, Florida – pronounced Po Ho by the natives and Pothole by anyone north of Georgia – and is caught up in the hilarious mayhem, chaos, and politics of a small town while trying to help the bumbling local law enforcement folks solve murders.

With the debacle of the Full Moon Crappie Festival and three murders behind her, bestselling author and owner of a computer security company, Parker Bell is lured back to Po’thole by the murder of childhood friend and local socialite city commissioner Tabitha Smith. 

A possible casino and boardwalk development on the only remaining city riverfront property on the beautiful St. Johns River in the entire state of Florida seems to be at the heart of the murders and craziness. Is it the Mafia or local law enforcement creating the mayhem?

A hilarious romp with wild murders, crazy characters, and believable enough that it might be true.

Fans of comic mysteries have known for years that no small town is quite like Po’thole, Florida. With its wild cast of crazy characters and its hilarious bestselling author/computer security consultant, A Honky Tonk Night is evidence of Sharon E. Buck at her best as a master of cozy mysteries.” ~ Misty Dawn, a Lady Gatorette and raving fan of Parker Bell