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Funny Things To Say To Annoying Tele-Marketers – December 12, 2017

Looking for the PERFECT comeback to those annoying tele-marketers? You know, the ones who interrupt YOUR life – like while you’re eating, watching your favorite TV show, or while you’re relaxing.

Here are 101 ways to have fun with them because you now have the PERFECT comeback line to annoy THEM and make them hang up the phone first. There is something for everything – from surprising them with ‘So Glad You Called’ to ‘Have I Got a Deal for You’ to ‘Have You Planned for the Future’ to ‘Computer Problems’ to ‘Residing in a State Resort’ to ‘Really? You Want to Mess with Law Enforcement?’ and more. 

You’ll have a blast using these lines! What is our favorite line of all time? Hand the phone to your child and say, “Here talk to Santa.”

All clean, funny comments to use. There is no naughty language – hey, be creative! Anyone can use nasty language – no naughty sexual comments. Good, clean, humor that anyone can read, use, and enjoy.

Great things to say to those annoying telephone callers.” Tommy T.


Laughing at Everyday Life – 75 True Stories – June 9, 2016

Stressed? Do you need a break from computers gone bad, the boss annoying you (how dare he!), kids demanding your attention, anything that is making you pull your hair and wanting to move to Jamaica? Of course you do!  Seventy-five funny short stories about everyday life. From aging parents to kids to animals to food to exercise, and to life in general, you are sure to find stories that will bring a smile to your face and may even make you laugh out loud.

Sharon Buck masterfully shows us the humor in day to day situations and occurrences. Something we all need today. Her collection of stories include everything to do with family, friends, dieting, various exercise attempts, a date or two, the mysterious lost sock in the washer and the antics of her two dogs and clever, somewhat cantankerous cat named SOX.” ~ Florida Lover