Hi, there,

This small, humorous cookbook led into the Parker Bell Humorous Mystery series. Click here to download the book or click on the book cover.

All of the recipes are honest-to-goodness real recipes, nothing fake here! They are pretty tasty and delicious as well.

Before I start receiving emails, where pages 23 and 24 should be…well, cough, cough, when the original printer printed the cookbooks he inadvertently put page 41 and 42 where pages 23 and 24 should be. Then when you get to pages 41 and 42, you’ll be delighted to find…taa daa…pages 23 and 24 LOL

Unfortunately, that particular printer also lost all of the original artwork and pages (yes, feel free to roll your eyes here) so I ended up scanning the book for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it!

BCC Cover