The Lady Gatorettes, are die-hard University of Florida football fans. In fact, obsessive is an understatement with these, ah, ladies. Not being fortunate enough to have the $14,000 or so to be in the Bull Gator Club or even having enough money to get season tickets, they are nevertheless as supportive of Gator football as they can be by watching all of the games on TV. They know every player and his statistics by heart.  

Flo is a tall, slim waitress with long blond hair who is now on her sixth husband and makes one mean strawberry pie. Myrtle Sue, a little dark-haired fireplug of a woman, is a domestic goddess. She surfs the Internet constantly looking for new information and statistics on the Gators. Mary Jane, a very attractive brunette way back when, went to Atlanta for a weekend with some out-of-town cousins upon graduating from high school and upon her return has never seemed quite right since then. Rhonda Jean is the trick play master. She knows every trick play that has been in a game for the past 35 years. She also annoys the heck out of the coaches at Florida because she creates and sends in new trick plays every week during spring practice and the regular season. Misty Dawn, so named because that’s what the morning looked like the day she was born and her mother took that as a naming sign, sends encouraging cards and notes to all of the football players who play in each game. 

Their greeting call? Why "Go Gators," of course!